Pain Management Specialist Bergen County, NJ

(Details the services and strategies for pain management from Dr. Peter Ferraro in Bergen County, NJ)

Have you recently suffered an injury and are looking for a talented physical therapist to help you fully recover your mobility?

If you have lost mobility in one or more of your joints due to an accident, sports injury, surgery, or any other reason, physical therapy may be necessary for you to recover a healthy and active lifestyle. Physical therapy is a non-invasive, therapeutic form of treatment designed to strengthen joints and loosen muscle tightness, returning your body to its normal mobility and often relieving pain, as well. If you are seeking physical therapy for any reason and are looking for a talented and experienced physical therapist in Bergen County, NJ, call Dr. Peter Ferraro today.

Dr. Ferraro works with each patient to create a customized physical therapy plan designed specifically to recover lost mobility and find lasting relief from pain. He outlines specific exercises to be done in both the office and at home to strengthen the joints and allow damaged tissue to heal. He also works to help recover both fine and gross motor abilities lost due to injury or trauma.

In addition to treating the immediate source of pain and immobility, Dr. Ferraro works with his patients individually to educate them toward a healthier lifestyle. He believes education is the most powerful physical therapy tool, allowing patients to make healthier and more active lifestyle choices, preventing future problems before they can occur, and helping to maximize and maintain the mobility restored through initial physical therapy treatment.

If you are seeking a physical therapist who values individualized treatment and life-long education, contact Dr. Peter Ferraro at his Bergen County, NJ, clinic today. Each member of his talented and experienced staff has the skills and expertise you need to offer you increased mobility and lasting pain relief through proven physical therapy techniques.