Dr. Peter Ferraro, DC, MCS-P Chiropractor
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Medical Compliance Specialist
Founder of
Ferraro Spine & Rehabilitation
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Dr. Peter Ferraro, DC, MCS-P
Ferraro Spine & Rehabilitation & Ferraro Spine Method™ FAST TWITCH SADDLE BROOK sports performance Ferraro Spine
Dr. Ferraro is the Chief Wellness Officer
for the NFL Alumni Wellness Challenge
Wellness Challenge NFL Challenge

Dr. Ferraro’s Story

Learn how Dr. Ferraro got started on the path of becoming one of the leading wellness consultants in the entire country.

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Chiropractor • Wellness Consultant
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About Dr. Peter Ferraro, DC, MCS-P

Dr. Ferraro is nationally recognized for his leadership in the use of non-surgical spinal decompression therapy. He has performed thousands of successful spinal decompression therapy treatments. Dr. Ferraro has been called to be a speaker across the country on spinal decompression therapy and other topics regarding health and interdisciplinary treatment. He has been published on the interdisciplinary treatment of chronic pain and spinal decompression technology.

For his dedication, accomplishments and devotion to patient care, NJ Top Docs recognized Dr. Peter Ferraro of Ferraro Spine and Rehabilitation as a Top Doctor for his commitment to excellence in Chiropractic Medicine in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and prior. As a treating chiropractic physician, he served as an authorized panel physician handling Workman’s Compensation needs for Bergen Risk Managers. He is a New Jersey State PBA Physician Association Lifetime Member dedicated to protect and serve the health needs of Law Enforcement and he serves the Italian American Police Society.

Dr. Peter Ferraro is the founder of Ferraro Spine & Rehabilitation and the Ferraro Spine Method™ and FAST TWITCH SADDLE BROOK center for sports performance.

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Ferraro Spine & Rehabilitation

Leading health professionals at Ferraro Spine & Rehabilitation are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives offering effective solutions for recovery and optimal health.

Fast Twitch Performance Facility

The Fast Twitch facility is strategically designed to integrate the main elements of training: functional strength, resistance training, speed and agility, plyometrics, and core strength.

Chief Wellness Officer for NFL Alumni Wellness Challenge


In addition to his practice, Dr. Ferraro is a committed proponent of wellness. Dr. Ferraro is the chief medical officer and a founding member of the NFL Alumni Wellness Challenge.

The NFL Alumni Wellness Challenge is a unique wellness competition, where four teams which included a former NFL player, a military veteran and a hometown hero worked together with health specialist for 100 days to improve their health.

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