Peter FerraroDr. Peter Ferraro’s Story

Dr. Peter Ferraro, DC, MCS-P

Saddle Brook 5k TeamChiropractor, Certified Medical Compliance Specialist
Dr. Peter M. Ferraro is a 1996 graduate of New York Chiropractic College. He began early in his career specializing in the treatment of herniated disc injuries by becoming certified in the Cox Flexion Distraction techniques at National Chiropractic College. He is licensed by the National Board of Chiropractic Examinations Part I, II, III and Physiotherapy, Pennsylvania: January 1996, New York State: Part IV National Board March 1996, and New Jersey: March 1997.
In the past twenty years Dr. Ferraro has become nationally recognized for his extensive work using non-surgical spinal decompression technology along with being certified in Manipulation Under Anesthesia. To date he has performed thousands of successful spinal decompression therapy treatments utilizing these breakthrough methods. Dr. Ferraro has traveled the country as a Lecturer and Trainer for herniated disc injuries. As an Entrepreneur in the medical field, Dr. Ferraro was a founder of Innovative Healthcare Solutions, LLC, a medical distribution company specializing in the sales and distribution of non-surgical spinal decompression equipment worldwide

Additionally he is the Founder and CEO of Ferraro Spine and Rehabilitation, PC, a multi-specialty wellness practice with two locations in New Jersey.  Ferraro Spine and Rehabilitation is a unique facility that encompasses multiple facets of care under one roof.  Dr. Ferraro prides himself in the creation of this unique, multi-disciplinary facility which affords the patient with optimal care and rehabilitative measures to achieve the health and vitality that they are seeking.  At this facility, patients can receive chiropractic treatment, physical therapy care, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and athletic training.  Based on Dr. Ferraro’s previous background in herniated and bulging discs, Ferraro Spine and Rehabilitation is a leading facility in the country with non-surgical decompression treatment via the AccuSpina IDD decompression system.

Wellness ChallengeDr. Peter Ferraro is also the Chief Wellness Officer of NFL Alumni Wellness Challenge, a unique wellness competition that connected NFL Alumni with health specialists in promoting a health and wellness initiative. He is also the founder of Advanced Compliance Solutions, LLC; a consulting firm dedicated to practice management, compliance for the healthcare industry and surgical center integration.

In the past twenty plus years, Dr. Ferraro has received several awards for his accomplishments and devotion to patient care.  From being recognized by “NJ Top Docs,” receiving back-to-back Client Satisfaction awards from the American Institute of Chiropractors, to being nominated as one of America’s Top Chiropractors.  Dr. Ferraro takes pride in these awards because it demonstrates his dedication to both his patients and his practice.  None of these awards mean more to Dr. Ferraro than the high success rate of his self-designed treatment protocol, the Ferraro Spine Method™.  To Dr. Ferraro, there is no greater award than seeing his patients living out all of their health and wellness goals.